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This repo contains a fuse-filesystem, which creates automagically a directory in users $HOME and subdir in directory $HOME/archive/workdir with todays date as subdirname. All directories are created, if not existent.

It also contains a systemd-unit for users systemd-process, which will start on login and ends, when user logs out.

System Requriements

python3 is requried and also this packages:

Debian based systems

    sudo apt install python3-fuse python3-fusepy

Redhat based systems

    sudo dnf install python3-fusepy


Run setup.sh, to install it for all user. This script will do the next steps for you. Reload users systemd and start service And then reload users systemd

    systemctl --user daemon-reload
    systemctl --user restart workdirfs.service


If you want, add an alias in your configuration (e.g. ~/.bashrc /etc/bash.bashrc /etc/profile.d/aliases... whatever you want) to go quick to archive or ~/Work.

    alias gowork='[ -e $(xdg-user-dir WORK) ] && cd $(xdg-user-dir WORK)'
    alias goarchive='[ -e $(xdg-user-dir ARCHIVE) ] && cd $(xdg-user-dir ARCHIVE)'

On every restart of users systemd, the xdg-configuration for xdg-user-dir WORK and ARCHIVE is being updated, so the alias should work always. Even if you change the path to XDG_WORK_DIR or XDG_ARCHIVE_DIR in systemd unit.