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Use hostname with FQDN as a default name for host
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Wrapper around restic backup to simplify certain tasks. Repositories can be configured in /etc/backup/$REPO.repo. Local includes and excludes in /etc/backup/local.config or /etc/backup/local.exclude

  • backup $REPO local for local backup to repo configured by
  • backup $REPO monitor $HOST $WARN_HOURS $CRIT_HOURS for Nagios/Icinga checks of backups
  • backup $REPO $ARGUMENTS for invoking restic with $ARGUMENTS for the repository

In local.config:

  • BACKUP_HOSTNAME is the name your host will show up as in restic
  • BACKUP_DIR is the root of the directory you want to back up
  • HEALTHCHECK_URL is an optional URL to healthchecks.io (comment out if you don't need it)