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# Include the global configuration, if found.
do "/etc/gitweb.conf" if -e "/etc/gitweb.conf";
# Point to projects.list file generated by gitosis.
# Here gitosis manages the user "git", who has a
# home directory of /srv/
$projects_list = "/srv/";
# Where the actual repositories are located.
$projectroot = "/srv/";
# By default, gitweb will happily let people browse any repository
# they guess the name of. This may or may not be what you wanted. I
# choose to allow gitweb to show only repositories that git daemon
# is already sharing anonymously.
$export_ok = "git-daemon-export-ok";
# Alternatively, you could set these, to allow exactly the things in
# projects.list, which in this case is the repos with gitweb=yes
# in gitosis.conf. This means you don't need daemon=yes, but you
# can't have repositories hidden but browsable if you know the name.
# And note gitweb already allows downloading the full repository,
# so you might as well serve git daemon too.
# $export_ok = "";
# $strict_export = "true";
# A list of base urls where all the repositories can be cloned from.
# Easier than having per-repository cloneurl files.
@git_base_url_list = ('git://');